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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs.

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Fishing Report
Fishing Report February 20
Mon, February 20, 2017

A little bit better fishing day than yesterday, but not by a whole lot.  Most of our angler's were able to get into a fish or two (including a nice brown) but it's not what I would characteriz ...

Weather and Water
Sunrise / Sunset
Address:Pulaski, New York

Fishing Report


Fishing Report February 20

A little bit better fishing day than yesterday, but not by a whole lot.  Most of our angler's were able to get into a fish or two (including a nice brown) but it's not what I would characterize as a good day on the run. A fair day.  A bit cooler today, but still bright blue skies and the water level has been pretty constant. Still 750 cfs from the reservoir and 936 cfs at Pineville.

Fishing report February 19

A slow day on the run today.  Very few anglers were able to get into any fish  and that was the consistent report throughout the day.  There are still a few anglers down on the run and while the "end of the day reports" are typically more positive, I do not anticipate much change from the pattern of the day. Three hook ups and 2 for 3 have been the best reports of the day.

Fishing Report February 18

Between 15 and 20 anglers fished the run today and while most are still on the run at this hour (4:50 PM) the reports from those leaving the river are very good.  At mid-day I thought that the report would be less positive than it ended up.   3 for 5, 4 for 6 from several anglers was the reports.  This seemed to pick up around 2:00. Some taken nymphing and some on the swing.Fish were taken throughout the run iwth decent action top to bottom. Water flow ticked up a little bit during the day, but not too much.  910 cfs this morning and currently 927 cfs at Pineville.

Fishing Report 2/17/17

Sunny skies all day were a welcome treat to the anglers who made it out on the run today. Fishing remains somewhat slow, we had a handful of anglers on the run, each of them fishing roughly half of the day. Each reported one hook up ranging in size all the way down to fingerlings. A forecasted low of 22F tonight, but things will warm quickly to near 50F tomorrow, so any slush in the morning should burn off quickly. Flows were dropped down to 750cfs at 5pm, and will remain there through midnight Saturday. Looks to be a great weekend to get outside!

Notice: the revised lodging calendar has been published with all available dates through the remainder of 2017. Click here to check it out! 

Give us a call if you would like to book a trip, 315-298-6672. Remember, our current lodging special is $40/person/night for trips booked to stay now thru March 31!

Fishing Report 2/16/17

Only a couple anglers on the run today, one spent the entire day down on the water and landed 2 steelies. Another fished for a few hours and had the same amount of luck. 

Flows have been reduced to 1100cfs through midnight Friday. The high flows over the last few days were likely in preparation for the forecasted warm-up over the next 10 days. Daytime high temps will reach into the mid 40s several days next week.

We are still running our $40/person/night lodging special for reservations made to stay through March 31st, give us a call! 315-298-6672.

Fishing Report 2/15/17

We had a half dozen anglers on the run today, overall reporting slower fishing. A few managed to hook into some steel, but even the 'regular' passholders reported lower catch rates. Flows remain at 1200cfs through midnight Thurs, temperatures will remain in the mid 20s for the next 24 hours. But, the 10 day forecast looks like we're in store for a warm-up!

lodging status as of 5 PM 14 Feb 17

the deadline for submitting the 50% deposit to secure 2017 lodging reservation dates is 5:00 PM tomorrow, 15 Feb 2017

please call us until 6:00 PM tonight, or before 5:00 PM tomorrow, to see if there are any dates opened up for immediate booking during the prime season of September to November 2017

fishing report 14 Feb 17

although it's Valentine's Day, there was no "fish love" today . . . partly cloudy, upper 30s, a few breezes, CFS 1200 / 1503 - a handful of clients (season pass holders) gave the run a try and stayed most of the day - four of them reported no real action anywhere on the run, however one other fished all day with a blue egg sack under a bobber and it was not until he switched to bottom bouncing the same egg sack that he hooked into two fish (one fairly "large"), neither or which he was able to bring to hand . . . rain and snow showers forecasted for tonight, with an overnight low of 32 degrees - tomorrow will have a high of 34, with a little snow - the CFS will remain the same as of now

Fishing Report 2/13/17

Two anglers fished today, got into a few steelies and one nice brown(15+ lbs)!  Flows are set to increase to 1200cfs tonight at 6pm through midnight Tuesday. A low temp of 16F tonight, high temp tomorrow is 37F with a mix of rain and snow.

Fishing Report February 12

Difficult conditions with steady (heavy at time) snow throughout the day.  Of the dozen or so angler's that fished the run today, most had left by early afternoon and the consistent report was "no action."  No fish brought to hand.  No hook-ups. Some were swinging flies (and less action is to be expected), but some were drift fishermen where it is more unusual not to have some action.  Of the three anglers that fished until late afternoon somewhat better luck.  All were drift fishermen (two pinners and one float/spin)and between them they were able to bring about a half dozen fish to hand. 

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