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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs 


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Fishing Report
Fishing Report April 24
Mon, April 24, 2017

Another beautiful day and only a handful of anglers took advantage of it. Flows dropped this morning down to 750cfs and will remain there until midnight tonight. At midnight, they will drop even fu ...

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Fishing Report


Fishing Report April 24

Another beautiful day and only a handful of anglers took advantage of it. Flows dropped this morning down to 750cfs and will remain there until midnight tonight. At midnight, they will drop even further to 500cfs! The drop in flows slowed fishing a bit, only one report of a steelie being landed, but boy it sure put up a fight!

Rain and wind tomorrow, high 61F.

fishing report 23 Apr 17

What a BEAUTIFUL day!  High of 59, dead calm, blue skies and sunshine - who would not want to be outdoors and on the river today?!!  CFS at the dam remains at 1650 (until midnight Monday), 2070 at Pineville, water temperature holding at 47 degrees these past few days - we had a nice steady stream of clients arriving between 6:30 and 7:30 AM, with a few others arriving all the way up to noon - the first ones off the run were two adults and a youth who took a lunch break - although they did not hook into any fish, they reported spooking two Steelhead laying tight against the bank (there is a lesson there), as well as reporting our first Smallmouth Bass of the season, a bass estimated at 4# also laying tight against the bank until getting spooked out into the current - a fourth client, who had been fishing with a buddy, took a quick break shortly after noon, reporting a "large" Steelhead he did not land, in the upper part of the middle section - he went right back down for round two - around 2:10 PM both he and his buddy came back up, reporting a final score of 0 / 3, nymphing with different colored egg patterns, in the middle and upper sections - all three fish were hard fighting, were brought in close, and he had one on the bank before it escaped - that fish was very acrobatic, about 20", and bright as a newly minted coin - his buddy did not hook up with anything and was a bit glum - just a bit earlier, two of our 12 month season pass holders came back up from fishing the lower section, as is their habit - one reported 1 / 2 for Steelhead - the fish he brought to hand was believed to be a drop back which was already chroming back up and was in very good shape in that it was more filled-in than is usual for drop backs - his friend did not touch a fish - around 4:30 PM a client who arrived at noon came back up - he had a great day, 4 / 7, all Steelhead, fishing the middle section with a variety of different shades of orange beads under a bobber (he would catch a fish with one color, and then not catch another until he switched out) - the fish were in the 3 - 5 # range, largest 8 #, all drop backs - our last client duo fished from early until 5:15, swinging Intruders in the lower section - although these two did not touch any fish, they were amazed at the wildlife they saw: bald eagles, hawks, deer, many species of birds, and vouched that they had a good day regardless (and that is what it is all about . . . ) - tonight will be clear skies and will dip down to 39 degrees, but tomorrow will be sunny, 64 degrees, with only a 10% chance of rain - Semper Piscandi!    

Fishing Report April 22

A cold drizzly day gave way to clear skies by late afternoon.  Going to get pretty cool this evening.  About a half dozen anglers fished the run today with some success.  An angler that fished until late morning was able to bring 4 steelhead to hand using egg sacks under a float. This afternoon the four anglers that have left hooked a couple and one two-handed fisherman was able to land one steelhead in the two hours that he fished.  At this hour (7;10 PM we still have a couple anglers on the run. Water flow from the reservoir is still stuck on 1650 cfs (until midnight Monday) and the flow at Pineville is currently 2090 cfs.

fishing report 21 Apr 17

a warm day, overcast with periodic drizzles and occasional sunshine, dead calm - CFS 1650 / 2130 - two clients and an off-duty DSR guide showed up a little after 8:00 AM - another client showed up near noon - the guide and two clients were back up at 6:10 PM - one client scored a very nice Atlantic Salmon, weighing an estimated 14#, in the lower section swinging a green and black wooly bugger - the pictures were a positive ID - unusually large girth to the fish, near the pectoral fins area - sparkling silver - the other client went 0 / 1 on an unknown fish - the guide "caught a sucker" . . . the last client was up soon afterwards, at 6:16 PM - he worked the middle and upper sections but did not even touch a fish - NOTES: we have a limited number of 9 and 12 month season passes available for immediate sale - invitations to renew existing 6.5 month season passes were sent out yesterday (check your spam folder, due to keywords, and please let all your 6.5 month pass holder buddies know the invitations went out already) - $250 deposit due NLT 20 May - Semper Piscandi!  

Fishing Report 4/20/17

So far today, we had only a brief sprinkle this afternoon, but the morning was dry. Flows remain at 1650cfs through at least midnight on Friday. The water temp taken this morning was 46F. One angler caught two dropbacks on the swing on the lower end of the run. Another angler landed a nice steelie mid afternoon. Both indicated they had sucess while fishing the slower pockets.

Weather forecast looks like rain and thunderstorms tonight and thru tomorrow morning, but they should dissipate by afternoon. A high of 55F tomorrow with winds W 10-15mph. 

Fishing Report April 19

Well the pleasant weather that we had been having came to a screeeeeching halt.  Cloudy skies, gusty wnds, temperatures in the mid 40's and some heavy rain for a good part of the afternoon. Several dedicated steelheaders did brave the elements (at least for part of the day) and of the four angler's that I talked with, 3 steelhead were brought to hand in total. Flow from the reservoir remains at 1650 cfs throught midnight Thursday and the flow at Pineville has ticked up 50 cfs since this morning and currently stands at 2070 cfs

Fishing Report 4/18/17

We've had a great stretch of mild, sunny weather the last several days, and today did not dissappoint! Plenty of sunshine and decent activity on the run made for some happy anglers. One regular reported landing 2 drop backs while on the swing in the Meadow. He reported hooking into both fish in the slowest slack water he could find. Another angler landed a small steelie in the Joss, and spoke with a group drifting through who reported landing an Atlantic and several steelies on white egg sacs. DSR has not verified that report at this time. Water Temp was 44F this morning, flows are posted to remain at 1650cfs through midnight Weds. Rain in the forecast tomorrow, up to 1/4 inch expected, with winds 15-25 SSE.

Fishing Report April 17

Anglers picked away at a few steelies today, most were able to hook up a time or two and a few fish were landed. High water continues through midnight tomorrow, with posted water flows remaining at 1650cfs through midnight Tues. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day, sunny, dry, and a high of 53F. 

fishing report 16 Apr 17

Happy Easter; hope all had a chance to take the munchkins out for egg hunts and enjoyed a nice family gathering, or just a relaxed day!  The early morning started off partly cloudy, dead calm, and 64 degrees at sunrise - CFS remains at 1650 (and will remain there until midnight Monday) / 2090 - a solitary client arrived at 6:25 AM to "get in a few hours of fishing" before the day's scheduled events - he fished the lower part of the middle section and was back up at 9:47 AM, grinning, to report going 2 / 2 Steelhead - the pictures revealed an obvious drop back, as well as a nice chromer; both respectable sized and healthy in appearance - I believe he used sacks under a bobber - about 2:20 the sky got very black very fast and we received sheets of driving rain in waves . . . lasted about an hour and skies cleared right up to hazy blue and sunshine as of this report at 4:46 PM - tonight will drop to 42 degrees, Monday will be cloudy, high of 46 degrees, 20% chance of rain, with a dip to 33 degrees Monday night - with the rain and warm temperatures today, my buddy and I are going to try some bullhead fishing tonight and perching tomorrow - Semper Piscandi! P.S. - will not be long before the giant Smallmouth Bass start cruising in large schools into our part of the river, hungry enough to wallop anything thrown their way, LOTS of fun for the kids, so keep checking the reports  

fishing report 15 Apr 17

forecast was for sun in AM and rain in PM and it was right-on as of 2:30 when it started sprinkling - that shut off a bit later in the PM - a warm day at 67 degrees, light breezes - water temperature was 39 this AM, with a slight tinge - CFS 1650 (until midnight tonight) / 2060 this AM bumped up to 2090 in PM - eight clients were out today, most arriving early - the first angler off the run late morning went 0 / 3, and four others also back up late morning all went 0 - the sixth angler put in a bit more time, and came off the water at 1:30 PM reporting 0/1 (broke off) on an orange egg pattern under a bobber in the upper part of the lower section - he stated he almost stepped on a Steelhead holding tight to the bank and under the grass hanging over the bank (typical fish behavior in high waters, so always drift along the bank before venturing further out) - two anglers arrived around 1100, fished three hours in the middle section, and went 2 / 5 at the lower part of the middle section using beads, eggs, and pink worms under a bobber - these two took a break at 2:15 PM, then headed back out for the upper section - one back at 3:30 PM reporting 0 fish and "wet", the last angler gutted it out and managed one more Steelhead before he came back up at 4:10 PM - overnight low will be 56 degrees, with thunderstorms and 80% chance of more rain - tomorrow (happy Easter!) will be cloudy, 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms (be careful!), and warm at 71 degrees - notes: our hours are now 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM; tomorrow at 5:00 PM is the deadline for current season pass holders to place a minimum $250 deposit (or pay in full) to renew their passes - if a deposit is made, 31 May is the deadline to pay the balance; we have a few season passes available for immediate sale (no wait list) so perhaps a surprise season pass would make a great birthday, retirement, or early Christmas present for a great friend or family member; 1 May is the deadline to submit your photographs for your 12 month season pass; the nine and 12 month season passes both expire on 14 May; 15 May the new 12 month season pass is effective; Yellow Perch are moving into the shallows to spawn; reports are that Bullhead catfish are moving in as well - "Semper Piscandi!"    

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