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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs 


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Fishing Report
Fishing Report May 27
Sat, May 27, 2017

The early morning clouds and drizzle gave way to bright, clear skies for the better part of the day.  Only a couple of anglers fished the run today which is surprising for a Saturday with sunn ...

Weather and Water
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Address:Pulaski, New York

Fishing Report


Fishing Report May 27

The early morning clouds and drizzle gave way to bright, clear skies for the better part of the day.  Only a couple of anglers fished the run today which is surprising for a Saturday with sunny skies.  The reports from our two anglers was that they were able to get into a couple nice, strong bass and that they witnessed the effectiveness of the lamprey treatment.  Numerous dead lampreys in large and small sizes were evidenced in the lower section of the run. That's a good thing. Water level will go down to 185 cfs at 6:00 AM tomorrow with temperatures into the mid 70's and some sun.

Fishing Report 5/26/17

A couple of anglers made it out on the run today, reporting decent activity with the smallmouth bass. One angler reported landing a 19" smallie which gave him quite a fight! Please note there is a sea lamprey treatment being administered today and tomorrow throughout the river. Hence, flows will remain at 650cfs through 6pm Saturday. They will drop to 185cfs on Sunday morning.  And another reminder, FREE fishing to all former and current members of the military this Sat/Sun/Mon (May 27-29). Just a small token of our appreciation for all our veterans and the sacrifices they've made!

fishing conditions 26 May 17

CFS at the dam will be 650 until 6:00 PM Saturday - CFS will be 350 from 6:00 PM Saturday until 6:00 AM Sunday - CFS will drop to 185 at 6:00 AM Sunday and remain there until midnight Sunday - the CFS at Pineville as of 6:00 AM today is 818 - today's forecast is for clouds, slight chance of a shower, 59 F, NW 10 - 15 mph winds

note: Veterans fish for free this weekend; Saturday the 27th through Monday the 29th

River Report 5/25/17

We didn't have any anglers fish the run today, and we can't really blame them since it rained most of the day! It looks like things will start to dry out tomorrow, morning showers will give way to cloudy skies in the afternoon. 

Flows are scheduled to increase:

Until 9:00 PM today, 350 CFS

From 9:00 PM today until 6:00 PM Sat, 650 CFS
From 6:00 PM Sat, until 6:00 AM Sun, 350 CFS
From 6:00 AM Sun, until 11:59 PM Sun, 185 CFS

A reminder, DSR is offering a free fishing to all active and former military members this weekend (May 27-29) as our way of saying 'Thank you' to those who have served and are currently serving our country. We give thanks each and every day to those who have sacrificed so much to provide the freedoms we all enjoy!

fishing report 24 May 17

CFS 185 (until midnight) / 337, water temperature started at 58 degrees and by mid-day had warmed to 63 - three clients trickled in from early to mid-morning and congregated at the lower end - between them they accounted for a 14" Smallmouth Bass, while swinging flies, before they came off the water together at 1:00 PM - all commented on how pleasant it was to be on the water during such a beautiful day - "Semper Piscandi!"

Fishing Report 5/23/17

Seven anglers fished the run today and reported decent activity with the smallmouth bass. We did not have any reports of steelies being caught, although one angler hooked into something big, but was unsure what it was. The morning water temperature was 53F, but had jumped up to 60F by mid afternoon. Another beautiful day tomorrow, high in the mid 70s. You deserve to play hooky for a day to enjoy this nice weather!

Fishing report 5/22/17

The cold front that moved in yesterday and resulting rain seemed to perk the fishing up this afternoon. Guests reported catching a fair number of bass along with a few juvenile steelhead and rainbow trout. Increased flows due to runoff continue; currently 365 cfs up from 319 yesterday. The flows and cooler water temperatures (55 degrees at 8am) should keep fish active. The forecast is beautiful for the next two days with sunshine and highs in the low 70's. Come join us!

fishing report 21 May 17

cloudy all day, a few brief sprinkles, occasional breezes, CFS 185 (until midnight Monday) / 319 - our five clients arrived mid-morning through mid-afternoon and left the water by early evening - all fished the middle section of the run, swinging flies, and caught Smallmouth Bass in the 2 - 3 # range, as well as smolts - there were no reports of trout or salmon, although one of the clients reported that he hooked in a very large fish that broke him off before he could see what is was 

Fishing Report May 20

Perfect weather to be on the water and a number of anglers took advantage of the conditions. A number of smallmouth bass, one beautiful Steelhead, and some Red Horse Suckers were the bonus to the day.  Water remains at 185 cfs from the reservoir and is currently 323 cfs at Pineville. Tomorrow promises to be another gorgeous day. 

Fishing Report May 19

Another beautiful day on the run with flows down to the Summer flow of 185 cfs (328 cfs at Pineville) Angler's reported getting in some steelhead (so there are still some around), quite a few smallmouth bass, steelhead and Atlantic smolts and reported sighting of numerous long-nosed gar and Red Horse suckers. A diverse and interesting fishery at this time of year.  There were no reports of any encounters with any Atlantics. Tomorrow looks to be another beautiful day and a good one to be out and on the water.

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