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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs 


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Fishing Report
fishing report 16 August 2017
Wed, August 16, 2017

a warm, sunny day, with light breezes - CFS 185 / 289 - eight clients fished the run, a few reporting very good action on Smallmouth Bass in the 14 - 16" range, as well as a lot of Fallfish - one s ...

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Fishing Report


fishing report 16 August 2017

a warm, sunny day, with light breezes - CFS 185 / 289 - eight clients fished the run, a few reporting very good action on Smallmouth Bass in the 14 - 16" range, as well as a lot of Fallfish - one salmon made an appearance in the very lower part of the run, as well as a couple ghosting through in the middle section - none were caught, however . . . 

Fishing Report 8/15/17

Today was opening day for the 9 month passholders at the DSR. We had a handful of them head down on the water this morning, reporting mostly smallmouth and fallfish. One lucky guide reported sighting a salmon, but he didn't get one on the line and that was our only report for the day. The water temp is up to 67F and the flows remain at 285cfs through midnight tonight. Tomorrow will be beautiful with clouds and sun, high 74F. 

We have 12 seasons passes remaining for purchase. Now is your chance to scoop one up just in time for salmon season! Call to purchase, 315-298-6672.

Fishing Report August 14

A half dozen anglers fished the river until early afternoon and other than some fall fish and smallmouth bass, that was the extent of their angling success.  A beautiful day nonetheless, but there were no sightings or movement of any salmon.  Water level remains at 350 cfs from the reservoir and is currently 447 cfs at Pineville. Water temperature taken this morning at 8:15 was 66 degrees.

fishing report 13 August 2017

a calm day that started out overcast in the AM and was sunny all PM, 75 F - CFS 350 / 453 - a handful of clients scouted and fished all sections of the run today - upper and lower sections were essentially unproductive and there were no salmon sighted in these areas - the middle section (again) was fairly productive today in that one client landed double-digit Smallmouth Bass (most in the 14" up to 16" range) - he also reported sighting two "small salmon" ("jacks"?) holding in one of the popular pools - note: we have a few nine month season passes available for immediate sale - $750, valid 15 August 2017 until 14 May 2018 (fish 10 days during peak season and you paid for the pass, plus you can fish for Steelhead winter and spring, followed by Atlantics and trophy Smallmouths in the spring)

Fishing Report August 12

A father and his son fished the run this morning.  Landed a couple rainbows and some smallmouth bass. We had another angler that fished this afternoon and upon his departure indicated that he saw a couple salmon just before he came up (which was about 4:30 PM).  I would have liked another angler to confirm the sighting, but that is what he reported and , therefore, I'm passing the information along.  Water flow remains 350 cfs from the reservoir and currently is 464 cfs at Pineville.  Water temperature at 7:30 this morning was 67 degrees.

Fishing Report 8/11/17

As of 4pm we haven't had any reports of salmon in the river. We had one angler fish this morning and get into a few smallies and some fallfish. Two other anglers have been down there since mid morning, at lunch they reported no salmon activity as of yet, but they headed back down hoping things would turn around this afternoon. We will update as we can. The water temperature this morning was 66F, and flows remain at 350cfs through midnight tonight. Scattered thunderstorms tonight will continue into tomorrow, high 75F with 60% chance of rain tomorrow. 

Fishing Report August 10

One season pass holder that fished this morning reported catching just a few Fall fish and did not see any swirls or evidence of salmon.  Additionally, one guide was on the water for several hours this morning and also indicated that there was no evidence of any salmon.  Two anglers remain on the run as of late afternoon and perhaps they will have an update for tomorrow.  Water level is 350 cfs through midnight on Friday and is 470 cfs at Pineville.  Water temperature this morning was 67 degrees.

Fishing Report August 9

We have had a few anglers fish the run today, but as of 4:15 PM they have not returned from the water. I visitd the river briefly this afternoon to take the water temperature and during the short 20-30 minutes I was there I did not witness any fish movement.  An angler that had been on the water for just an hour reported that he had not seen any fish movement. Water from the reservoir remains at 350 cfs and is currently 500 cfs at Pineville

updated fishing report 8 August 2017

CFS is now 600 at the dam until midnight 13 August - three clients, who had been on the water from 6:30 AM until 2:45 PM, reported catching Smallmouth Bass from 10" to 16", but did not see any salmon moving in the lower section

fishing report 8 August 2017

there have been (unsubstantiated) rumours, for the past two weeks, of some early Kings (Chinook) being caught within pools in the Village of Pulaski - this morning, one of our guides and a River Patrol member scouted the Joss Hole in the middle section of our run and sighted two Chinook of average size - so, it is now "official" (at least for the DSR) that the salmon have started to move into the river! Water levels are at 350 / 557 today, with water temperatures somewhat cooler than normal (65 degrees) for this time of the year. You should also know that charter boats have been extremely successful offshore this entire summer . . . shaping up to be a good season.

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