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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs 





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Fishing Report
Fishing Report 4/18/18
Wed, April 18, 2018

A handful of anglers fished the run today, those fishing from shore reported tricky conditions because of high winds. They came off the water mid afternoon and reported zero fish landed between the ...

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Fishing Report


Fishing Report 4/18/18

A handful of anglers fished the run today, those fishing from shore reported tricky conditions because of high winds. They came off the water mid afternoon and reported zero fish landed between the 3 of them. We had a few anglers float through and we are hoping to put out an updated report once we hear how they did. The water temperature this morning was 35F. For reference, on this same day last year, we measured a water temp of 43F! Just goes to show how cold this spring has been! Despite the recent snow/rain, we still have no snow accumulation on the ground, and water flows remain at 1,500 cfs through midnight Thursday. Tomorrow will be a high of 39F with rain showers in the afternoon, winds NW 10-20mph

Fishing Report April 17

The run went unfished today and, therefore, there is no fishing activity to report. The posted water release from the reservoir remains at 1500 cfs through midnight Wednesday and the current water flow at Pineville is 2020 cfs.

Fishing Report 4/16/18

This morning brought extremely gusty winds and a few sprinkles which eventually turned into a steady rain by late afternoon. We had a couple anglers fish the run and report hooking into a few steelies, but the strong wind drove them off the water by late morning. Surrounded by trees on the riverbank was not a safe place to be during one of mother nature's latest tantrums! Water flows will remain at 1,500cfs through midnight on Tuesday. A low temp of 34F tonight with periods of rain and snow. Tomorrow will be 36F with snow showers, accumulations up to 1 inch and winds from the west at 10-20mph. 

Fishing Report April 15

Maybe it's because everyone is home getting their income taxes in under the wire, but we only had a handful of anglers fish the run today.  We have a number of lodge guest that fished, but we have no way of know how successful they may have been. The two anglers that fished for the better part of the day finished off a three day trip with smiles on their faces. "We had a good day and it was better today than yesterday."  I didn't ask numbers but I could tell they left on a high note.  As they have been doing over the past few days, cover water and change up the offering very often. Water from the reservoir will remain at 1500 cfs through midnight Monday and the current flow at the Pineville gauge is 1870 cfs.

Fishing Report April 14

We had a couple dozen anglers fish the run with varying degrees of success.  Many anglers were not able to get a fish to play and other anglers (primarily the center pinners) experienced moderate success.  Two for three, two for two were the more successful reports.  Water remains unseasonably cold for this time of year and combined with the front that came through, the fish seem to be off the bite a bit.  We are forecast to get some freezing rain tonight into this evening so be careful out there.  The water level is to remain at 1500 cfs through midnight Sunday and currently the flow at Pineville is 1870 cfs.  

Fishing Report April 13

Approximately a half dozen anglers fished the run today.  Two anglers that I spoke with that swung the lower section got a bump between then, two anglers that were using a center pin fished and had what they described as "a very good day", but had to throw lots of different thingss at them and our last angler just got off the water and went 3 for 5 in the middle section.  Water level will remain at 1500 cfs from the reservoir through midnight Saturday.

Fishing Report 4/12/18

Two anglers had the run entirely to themselves today and spent the majority of the daylight hours fishing. They covered a lot of ground and reported going 1/3 with a nice steelie. They reported that the water remained fairly clear, despite the afternoon rain. Water flows will remain at 1,500cfs through midnight on Friday. Rain this evening will taper off overnight, we will have a low temp of 38F. Tomorrow will be cloudy early on, with a high of 48F expected and rain will develop later in the day.

Fishing Report April 11

Only a few anglers fished the run today in spite of pretty decent fishing conditions.  One season pass holder had went 0 for one in the lower section while a another angler got "schooled" by an active fish in the middle section of the run.  Our last angler got off the water just before 8 and got a fish toward the end but "threw everything at them. It was tough."Water level remains at 1500 cf through midnight thursday April 12th.  Water levels at the Pineville gauge are currently 1830 cfs.Thursday afternoon/evening we should have a good idea as to what they plan to do with the water level into the weekend. and see what they do with the water.

Fishing Report 4/10/18

We had 7 anglers on the Run today and received reports of success during both morning and afternoon. One fresh steelhead was caught on the swing in the lower end mid morning. Another angler who was fairly new to steelhead fishing reported hooking up with a nice steelhead mid afternoon. Unfortunately, it shook off on the second jump, but that was enough - he'll be back for more tomorrow! Snow flurries this morning gradually gave way to sunny skies this afternoon. The water temp was 35 F and water flows remain at 1,500cfs through midnight Thursday. An overnight low of 26F and a high temp of 47F tomorrow. Clouds in the morning and rain will move in during the afternoon.

Fishing Report 4/9/18

We enjoyed mostly sunny skies for the majority of the morning and into the afternoon, and a few anglers came out to throw a few casts. One angler fished a couple hours midday and reported landing a dropback steelie in the middle section of the run, while another reported hooking up with a fish, but was unable to land it. The angler fishing the afternoon hours into dusk reported going 2/5, one was fresh the other was a dropback. We had a water temperature of 33F at 8am, but our afternoon angler reported taking his own water temperature reading in the afternoon and measured 40F. Water flows remain at 1,500cfs through midnight on Thursday. Tomorrow will be a nice day with a high of 40F, morning clouds and afternoon sun, and winds W 10-15mph.

Note: We still have some seasons passes (9 and 12 month) available for purchase, give us a call to reserve yours today! 315-298-6672, ext. 0.   

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