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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs 


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Fishing Report
Fishing Report Sept 19
Tue, September 19, 2017

The anglers that I have spoken with this afternoon all have indicated a decent day of fishing on the run.  Not as good as some days last week, but not bad at all for this time of year with thi ...

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Sunrise / Sunset
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Fishing Report


Fishing Report Sept 19

The anglers that I have spoken with this afternoon all have indicated a decent day of fishing on the run.  Not as good as some days last week, but not bad at all for this time of year with this hot weather.Some happened to be in the right spot at the right time (i.e. middle of the run from 10-11 AM, etc) and had a better than average time.  We had reports of a nice push of fish (mostly kings) come into the lower section of the run early this morning and that may have been some of the fish that were in the mid and upper sections from late morning on. Water looks to be dropping to 350 cfs from the reservoir at 9:00 PM tonight. Currently 560 cfs at Pineville.

initial fishing report 19 Sep 17

as Yogi Berra stated "this seems like deja vu all over again" . . . another sunny day, temperature climbing to +80 degrees today, light breezes, water temperature at 63 degrees early AM, CFS 500 / 596 - River Patrol reported, as of 7:30 AM, that there was a good population of fish in the lower section, some of which are pushing up, fish moving through middle section and providing some limited action, with the best action at the upper part of the run - identical to yesterday at this time - if the pattern holds, yesterday clients returning from the middle of the run around late morning and early afternoon had reported a fairly good day, with steady action on a variety of fish (to include Steelhead!) 

Fishing Report August 18, 2017

   Today was a high of 84 degrees with winds SSE at 5 mph. Sunrise was at 6:47am and sunset is at 7:08pm. Water temperature was recorded at 64 degrees with CFS at the dam at 500 and 583 at Pineville. River patrol reported "enough fish to go around". The upper and mid sections of the run were said to be steady however the low end saw low to moderate activity. We have heard reports of multiple hook ups and one gentleman told us that he brought five to hand. 

interim fishing report 18 Sep 17

two clients came off the run, at 10:15 AM - their report seemed to verify the observations and earlier reports of our River Patrol - a LOT of fish in the lower section provided these two clients with their "best morning in three years, maybe ever" for only the first hour after sunrise - after that, the action fizzled for them and they went prospecting upriver - these clients stated that it seemed only a trickle of all these fish actually moved up into the middle section of the run, where some clients were benefiting from that trickle - it is hot weather today - reaching that promised mid-80s temperature already - that, and bright sunshine, will probably cause a "salmon siesta" until later this evening

initial fishing report 18 Sep 17

reports from River Patrol are as follows:  lower section relatively inactive this morning - there are fish there, just not pushing up / middle section reported clients hooking up (ones and twos) / upper section was good this morning (multiple hook-ups) with "a lot" of fish continuing to be present through mid-morning / partly cloudy, warm (forecasted to be 84 today), CFS 500 / 583 

evening fishing report 16 Sept

Evening fishing report 16 Sept, 2017…slow day today the most positive feedback came from clients and guides that were in the middle of the run. One guide reported his clients had 20 hookups but none landed. Clients upon checking out at around sunset commented about how fast the fish are, one was pulled into the water.

Water flow at the Dam 500 CFS and at Pineville 603 CFS

Weather forecast for 17 Sept will be sunny with a high of 81 degrees and a low of 58 degrees. The sun will rise at 6:46 and will set at 7:11

Evening fishing report 15 Sept

Evening Fishing Report 15 Sept 2017…the river walkers and clients reported a slow day today. River walkers at/on the Estuary reported nervous water, the fish have been holding up there for the past three days.

Water flow out of Pineville is 603 CFS and out of the Dam still 500 CFS

Weather for the 16th will be sunny with a high of 78 degrees and a low of 57 degrees. The sun will rise at 6:45 and the sunset will be at 7:12.

interim fishing report 15 Sep 17

TELEPHONES ARE NOW WORKING (thanks for your patience)!  River Patrol reported late morning that there was only sporadic activity at the lower portion after the morning push of fish, some movement through the middle section (although most clients coming up from the middle reported very little activity), but the upper section continues to be a steady producer of hook-ups 

initial fishing report 15 Sep 17

the phone system for DSR is temporarily out of service - please contact us via e-mail until such time as we are able to effect repairs to the system

overcast day, cool, no wind, CFS 500 / 596 - early reports from our River Patrol are that there is a small push of fish entering the river system, and that there is considerable activity in the upper section - essentially, the middle section has been quiet (that may change, as it did yesterday, when the morning push of fish moves up later today)

Fishing report September 14th

Weather was partly cloudy today with a high of 74 degrees. Winds WNW at 5 mph. Fishing was reported as steady today in the lower and mid sections of the run. Anglers reported multiple hook ups.

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