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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs 


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Fishing Report
Fishing Report November 22
Wed, November 22, 2017

Every angler that I spoke with this afternoon reported having a good to excellent day.  4 for 7, 3 for 11, and up from there.  It appears that the uptick of colder water yesterday stabili ...

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Fishing Report


Fishing Report November 22

Every angler that I spoke with this afternoon reported having a good to excellent day.  4 for 7, 3 for 11, and up from there.  It appears that the uptick of colder water yesterday stabilized as did the fish and the bite was on pretty good.  Water level remains at 335 cfs and is currently 506 cfs at Pineville.  Remember that the DSR is closed tomorrow and all of us here wish you and yours a wonderful, safe, and joyous Thanksgiving.

Fishing Report Nov 21

Mixed reports for today from the many anglers who enjoyed the day on the run. Some reported having no tugs on the line, while others had 5+ on the line. One angler expressed a flurry of activity for about an hour this morning before the clouds rolled in. Another fished the last few hours of daylight and got into several steelhead (a mix of colored up and silver), a brown, and a coho. We recently saw a drop in the water temp, from 45F on Sunday to 38F today, likely because of the snow melt runoff. There are still a few patches of snow here and there, but much of it has melted. A mix of rain and snow is expected overnight, with a few snow flurries lingering in the morning. The high temp tomorrow is 37F and posted flows remain at 335cfs. 

FIshing Report 11/20/17

Anglers on the run this morning at first light reported decent activity with steelhead. By 8am we had a lake effect snow band move through the area, dropping a quick 4 inches of snow and producing white out conditions for a few hours. As I write this report, temperatures are above freezing, and will remain above freezing overnight, so things have already settled to just a couple inches. By the end of the day tomorrow its unlikely that any trace of snow will remain as we will see temperatures in the low 50's. Posted flows have not been updated beyond tonight, they are currently at 335cfs. 


the handful of clients who fished until near dusk all reported having been into fish today; ranging from 2 to 4 Steelhead


The early morning started off with temperatures barely above freezing, slushy rain, followed by high winds and a horizontal snow / rain mix!  Despite this good "duck hunting" weather we had a dozen or so anglers that showed up very early and hustled down to the run.  As of noon, the combined report from anglers coming up to leave for the day, or take a break, and our River Patrol, is that down on the run the wind was not too bad, anglers at the upper end are hooking up and enjoying a bit of success, the middle section is somewhat slower and not as productive as even yesterday, and we have no real report from the lower section yet.  Individual anglers' reports ranged from "nothing today", through an angler landing a 6-8# Steelhead and a fresh King salmon, to one lucky angler that stated he caught his "fish of a lifetime" (no report on the estimated weight) - the River Patrol, who walked the entire run, observed that fishing was slow, however those fish being hooked and brought to hand are, on average, larger than we have seen the past few days - one angler reported hooking into a fish that "just went wherever it wanted to before it broke me off!".  The majority of the anglers agreed that the first-light bite was best, with action tapering off even though there was heavy overcast.  Egg sacks and beads are producing the majority of the fish.  As of this report the wind has died down and there is no snow or rain; that may change later this afternoon. 


as of 2:30 PM a few more clients came up from the run - two reported each bringing 4 Steelhead to hand (location was middle section, beads under a bobber), yet another went 10 / 14 (fishing eggs and beads under a bobber, including one Brown Trout, one Domestic, the remainder Steelhead) fishing the middle and then moving to the upper section - this last report echoes that of another highly successful client today - I would suggest that any person wishing to enjoy similar success tomorrow get here early (we get here at 6:00 AM and open as soon as we can get ready), cover a lot of ground before mid-morning, when the bite traditionally experiences a lull, and fish beads and eggs under a bobber


temperature got up to 41 degrees - remained heavily overcast throughout the late morning and into the afternoon - despite the gloomy day, most clients described it as a "nice day" to be outside and on the run - a good percentage of our clients today were able to get into Steelhead, typically one to three - the lower section started off relatively well early-on, but faded a bit according to those coming up - clients moved up in search of better fishing and found it in the middle section, which produced Steelhead and Domestic Rainbows throughout the day and was the most productive section - one client started in the middle then moved to the upper, and went 8 / 14, half of which were Domestics (largest 7#) and the remainder Steelhead, drifting beads under a bobber - an equal number were caught in the upper and then middle sections by this client - our River Patrol today, based on his observations, was of the opinion that the lower section produced more fish throughout the day than the upper sections (perhaps the difference in opinions is that I was only receiving reports from those who had not done well in the lower section and were leaving) - we have 16 full day passes to sell for tomorrow


a raw day, misting, blowing a bit, 36 inching up to a forecasted high of 43 degrees - CFS 335 / 464 - we have a full house (sold out now, but we will have afternoon-only passes for sale, effective at noon) - of the seven anglers that have come off the run to get gear, take a break, etc. as of 9:45 AM, four of these had seen Steelhead action (twos and threes) in the middle and lower sections - the other three did not fare as well, either no action or one at best - most of the fish have been the smaller, feistier ones, with a sprinkling of larger fish - so far, all fish have been bright chromers 

Fishing Report 11/17/17

The saying 'the early bird gets the worm' held true today. Anglers who arrived at first light got into plenty of steelhead, but most expressed that things really quieted down mid morning once the bright sunshine lit up the sky. We had several who reported getting into a handful of steelhead, while others didn't see any action. One angler caught a domestic rainbow mid afternoon. Tomorrow we will see showers in the morning turning to a steadier rain by afternoon, a quarter inch of rain is expected. Flows will remain at 335cfs through midnight Saturday. 

an overcast, warm day, currently 47 degrees - CFS dropped to 500 / 732 as of early this AM, and will drop to 335 at noon - have a nice group of clients on the run - they probably scattered to all parts due to the lower CFS - of the four that came back up at 11:45 AM, a pair brought three Steelhead to hand in the lower section using egg pattern flies, and two others "did well" in the middle section - so, looks like the fish are acclimatizing to the relatively slow drop in CFS and continuing to be active

we have a few Steelhead passes available for sale - a reminder that you can immediately book any lodge for 2018 that was not rented out during like days in 2017 (some are in prime time September through November to date)

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