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For closure notifications, please check this area, Facebook, or call our office to ensure we're open


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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs 

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Fishing Report
River Report 1/22/18
Mon, January 22, 2018

We apologize for the lack of reports over the weekend, unfortunately, not much has changed since Friday's report. Flows remain at 2,000cfs through midnight Monday, the flow report has not been upda ...

Weather and Water
Sunrise / Sunset
Address:Pulaski, New York

Fishing Report


River Report 1/22/18

We apologize for the lack of reports over the weekend, unfortunately, not much has changed since Friday's report. Flows remain at 2,000cfs through midnight Monday, the flow report has not been updated at of 5pm tonight. Due to the high flows, DSR will remain closed until flows from the dam drop below 2,000cfs. 

We had rain this afternoon and more is expected over night (1/4 inch expected). We still have plenty of snow in the woods, but the parking lot is looking bare, aside from the snow piles. We'll see a high of 47F tomorrow but temperatures will dip back below freezing by Tuesday night and will remain below freezing until the weekend.

We will be sure to update everyone as soon as flows drop below 2,000cfs so we can reopen. 

River Report 1/19/18

DSR was closed for fishing today because of high water flows. The updated flow report has not yet been posted (as of 5pm), but if flows drop below 2,000cfs, we will be open for fishing on Saturday. Please check for flow information. 

The water temp this morning was 32F at 8:30am. We will see a low temp of 27F tonight, with a high of 39F forecasted for tomorrow. 

River Report 1/18/18

DSR will remain closed for fishing on Friday, January 19th. There is some good news, the flows are trending downward, they will drop to 2,000cfs at 6pm tonight through midnight Friday. Per official DSR policy, we will reopen once flows from the dam (, drop BELOW 2,000cfs. Fingers crossed that happens soon! 

We had steady snow all day today, but only picked up a couple inches of light, fluffy snow. We will have a low temp of 20F tonight, but tomorrow will warm up to 33F, with a few morning snow showers. 

River Report 1/16/18

Unfortunately, another day of forecasted high water flows will keep DSR closed for fishing tomorrow, Wednesday January 17th ( We are hoping that flows will moderate by the weekend (or sooner!). As we noted yesterday, the high flows have washed out most of the shelf ice, so the river should be better accessible once the flows drop. DSR will remain closed until the flow from the dam drops below 2,000cfs. We will continue to staff the office from 9am-5pm for administrative purposes, so feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, 315-298-6672, ext. 0. 

River Report 1/15/18

DSR was closed again today, but this time due to high water flows, flowing at 2,200 cfs from the dam ( If there is an upside to this high water, its that most of the shelf ice has cleared out of the run, so once flows go down, DSR should once again be fishable. At the time of this report (5pm) there still has not been an update posted on the waterflow beyond midnight tonight. If flows drop BELOW 2,000cfs, DSR will be open for fishing. 

As far as snow, we still have plenty on the ground, but it did settle significantly with last weeks warm up and rain. The water temperature was 30F at 8:30am this morning. 


due to unseasonably warm temperatures these past few days, and high temperatures forecasted for tomorrow, the shelf ice has already been degraded to a point unsafe for angling - accordingly, DSR will be closed for fishing Friday, 12 January, through Sunday, 14 January - the DSR will be open for administrative matters tomorrow, 12 January, from 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM - there will not be anyone in the DSR office either 13 or 14 January - weekend forecast is for single digit daytime and overnight temperatures, which should help re-establish the shoreline ice to acceptable conditions - we will appraise you as the situation develops
10 Jan 18 DSR closed for fishing today

  DSR was closed today, 10 Jan '18 - high today was 38, tonight's low will be 35, tomorrow will have a high of 46 with an overnight low of 43, and Friday will be a high of 50 - these temperatures will cause a further degradation of the shelf ice - call us to check if we will be open, day by day - after that, the temperatures will dip back down into the frigid zone
DSR Closed to Fishing

In that the DSR was closed today we did not have anyone fish the run. The pictures posted on Facebook tell it all. We are still dealing with considerable shelf ice and the DSR will be closed to fishing again tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan 10th). The water level is still at 500 cfs from the reservoir but will be going down to 350 cfs beginning at 9:00 this evening. We'll be posting updates daily regarding future fishing.
DSR CLOSED for fishing Tuesday 1/9

DSR will be CLOSED for fishing on Tuesday, January 9th due to extremely dangerous river conditions. After evaluating the Run this afternoon, we do not feel comfortable allowing anglers access to the Run. We found several areas where shelf ice extends 60 feet or more out into the river.

We will evaluate conditions daily and provide updated reports and will reopen when we deem the river safe for angling.
River Report 1/5/18

Bitter cold and blustery conditions was the name of the game today. Much of the day we saw white out conditions, although its hard to say if we got much in the way of accumulation. I think a lot of the snow in the air was just getting blown around and not a whole lot was falling. As such, we did not have any anglers fish the run today. Another hurdle we were up against was the apparent bump in water flows that was not posted on, but flows at Pineville indicate that there was a jump to maybe 750cfs? Current flows at Pineville USGS stream gauge are 989cfs, increasing more than 250cfs overnight. 

Due to the ongoing extreme weather and cold temperatures forecasted, DSR will be closed for fishing this weekend (Jan 6 & Jan 7th). We will resume office hours (and hopefully fishing!) on Monday morning. The warmer temperatures forecasted for next week may pose an even bigger challenge as the abundant shelf ice begins to weaken and make its way downstream. We will be sure to post an update on the conditions as soon as we can!

Stay warm everyone!

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