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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs 


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Fishing Report
River Report 7/19/17
Wed, July 19, 2017

A beautiful July day here in CNY! Flows remain up 1200 (dam) 1510 (Pineville), recorded earlier this morning along with the water temp of 68 degrees. The run has gone unfished thus far today, but k ...

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Address:Pulaski, New York

Fishing Report


River Report 7/19/17

A beautiful July day here in CNY! Flows remain up 1200 (dam) 1510 (Pineville), recorded earlier this morning along with the water temp of 68 degrees. The run has gone unfished thus far today, but keep an eye out! We suspect that as flows recede a few Atlantic salmon and Skamania steelhead may reveal themselves somewhere in the river. If we learn of anyone's success we'll be sure to share it!

River Report 7/18/17

Early morning fog gave way to sunshine in the afternoon, its starting to feel like summer finally! Flows were bumped up to 1,500cfs last night and will remain there until midnight tonight. Tomorrow should be another pleasant day, temps in the low 80s and sunny skies! Two anglers fished the estuary by boat today, we will give a fresh report once we hear how they did.

Fishing Report 7/17/17

We had a handful of anglers fish the run today and reported decent action with the smallmouth bass during the first half of the day. Wooly buggers proved effective for two decent sized bass. Anglers reported muddy water after the downpours we experienced this morning from several thunderstorms. Fishing was good thru the rain and for a while after, as well. As soon as the clouds cleared and the sun came out this afternoon, the bite went quiet. The flow forecast hasn't been updated for tomorrow yet, it remains at 750cfs through midnight tonight. 

Fishing Report July 16

A couple young anglers fished the run until early afternoon and were able to get into a few smallmouth. A nice rain-free day for a change and the water from the reservoir (at this 2:00 PM posting) is 500 cfs and is currently 680 cfs at Pineville.  I would be surprised if the water level doesn't come down.  We'll have to wait and see.

fishing report 15 July 2107

a warm day, high of 73 F, calm, overcast - CFS 500 / 710 - our first two clients were here early, stating they just wanted to enjoy a day on the river and hoping to catch any fish species - they were back up at 11:00 AM, all smiles, having had a "lot of fun!" drifting egg sacks and catching Fallfish, as well as a large Red Horse (?) sucker, weighing in at 5#, which made their bobber suddenly disappear, followed by a strong run, and a slugfest until brought to hand in the lower section of the run, all on a lightweight fly rod - the second set of anglers arrived a bit later - they fished the upper section of the run and reported landing five Smallmouth Bass, in the 16 to 18" range, by the time they left at 1:45 PM.

River Report 7/14/17

Quiet today with only one brief downpour, no thunder or wind associated with it. Water temp this morning was 68F, flows remain at 185cfs through midnight tonight. Showers tomorrow morning will taper off by afternoon, high 75F. 

River Report 7/13/17

Cool but pleasant today, quiet on the run. We dodged most of the rain showers today and had a few peaks of sun this afternoon. Flows remain at 185cfs through midnight Friday. A little warmer tomorrow, high of 76F with thunderstorms likely. 

Fishing Report 7/12/17

A bright midsummer day here in Pulaski. This morning's conditions were quite nice, yet it has gotten a bit muggy as the day has gone on. We had five guests fishing the lower end of the run earlier. Three guests swinging flies subsurface reported a few active fall fish but otherwise slow action. Two others, a little later in the morning, were casting deer hair poppers and found some bass that were willing to play. Hard to beat a top water bass in the summer! Water temperatures were report to be 70 degrees at 7am and 74 around 11:30 this morning. The forecast calls for rain and a little cool down over the next two days which should get the bass more active.

River Report 7/11/17

A quiet day on the run today and despite the nice weather, only our lodge guests took advantage of it and got out on the Run. No fishing reports yet, but we will update you when we speak with them. FLows remain at 185 cfs through midnight tomorrow. Another pleasant day tomorrow, high 82F with a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. 

Tonight is the monthly Trout Unlimited - Tug Hill/Black River chapter meeting, held at the DSR Welcome Center at 7pm. If you are interested in getting involved, stop by for more information!

Fishing Report 7/10/17

One angler had the run to himself all morning, he fished from the Spring hold to the gasline and reported catching a handful of smallmouth bass and a few small fallfish. Water temp this morning was 65F @ 8am. Flows are forecasted to drop to 185cfs at 7pm tonight. Humidity continues overnight and into tomorrow, scattered thunderstorms are forecasted and a high of 78F. 

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