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Fishing Report
Fishing Report 3/27/17
Mon, March 27, 2017

A handful of anglers came out today and reported mixed success. A few came away with a fish or two, one angler reported having a 10 pounder on the line. Others experienced slow conditions, without ...

Weather and Water
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Fishing Report


Fishing Report 3/27/17

A handful of anglers came out today and reported mixed success. A few came away with a fish or two, one angler reported having a 10 pounder on the line. Others experienced slow conditions, without even a bite during their time on the Run. Anglers reported that the water was a bit stained today. Flows will remain at 500cfs through midnight Tues, air temps will dip into the low 40s tonight with rain possible. Showers tomorrow morning then just cloudy to finish the day. The water temp taken this morning at 8:30am was 36F. 

fishing report 26 Mar 17

an overcast, very windy (gusty) day on the run - CFS steady at 500 / 763 throughout the day, temperature climbed to just shy of 40 degrees - a good number of clients showed up at or near opening time - two of these anglers headed straight upriver, and returned in the early afternoon - they reported 3 / 7 on Steelhead using beads under a float in the upper and high middle sections - another duo also headed upriver at the same time and came back early afternoon around the same time as the first pair - these two went 3 /4 floating blue egg sacks under a bobber - a third duo headed straight downriver, got skunked there, worked their way up, and finally went 1 / 2 in the upper section floating both eggs and beads, coming back up mid-afternoon or so - a father / daughter team (first time fishing the run) did their homework yesterday regarding baits, lures and techniques, came back early today and fished hard upriver, then all the way down to the bottom - not even a tap by late afternoon - however, they enjoyed the experience of being on the run and will be back soon to learn more - a solitary angler came in late and, after a few hours, went 0 / 1 using beads and eggs in the middle section - two anglers arrived early, also headed straight downriver, and came back late afternoon, reporting it was not until they fished the middle section that they went 0 /2 using large orange beads under a float - an angler came up early evening - he had gone upriver and scored 2 /2 on "small colored up males" (Domestics?) swinging egg pattern flies - a young couple, our northern neighbors from Canada, came late afternoon and fished the middle swinging flies, but to no avail - as of 6:00 PM there are still some anglers out there, but I should get this to press - tomorrow the temperature will reach 52 degrees, with a 90% chance of rain - see you on the run, "Semper Piscandi!"

fishing report for 25 Mar 17

the CFS prediction, and weather forecast, were spot-on!  A light drizzle almost all morning gave way to a dry early afternoon with plenty of late afternoon sunshine, and the CFS dropped on cue at 9 AM to 500 - subsequent CFS at Pineville dropped from an initial AM flow of 1150 all the way down to 771 as of 5:45 PM - temperatures climbed slowly to the high 30s and we may break 40 as forecasted before the day is done - winds were negligible all day long - anglers trickled in throughout the morning, and we have perhaps 15 on the run between lodge guests and those who checked in this morning, who stated they would be fishing in all parts of the run today - one angler came back up in the late morning only to grab another friend - he reported that his party was hooking up swinging flies in the very upper section - four of them in his party went 3 /3 Steelhead using blue / pink stone fly pattern (?) and a tandem egg fly (tied back to back) - other guests informed me this party broke up, with two heading to the middle section, and they then upped their score with an additional 1 / 2 on Steelhead - a lodge guest took a lunch break and reported he went 0 /1 drifting blue egg sacks under a bobber, in the upper section - this angler went back out and reported at 6:00 PM that he subsequently landed a nice chunky Domestic Rainbow of about 5 # on the same rig and in the same location - one angler who started fishing as late as 10:00 AM came back up at 1:45 PM and reported 4 / 4 Steelhead (pictures showed fat 6 to 8 # fish, but one was missing half its tail - top section, healed up - with a small fresh belly gash just past the pectoral fins . . . makes you wonder what that fish ran into out there) drifting blue egg sacks under a bobber in the middle section of the run - he added the detail that the first three were one right after the other shortly after he started fishing - a client came up to the Welcome Center at 2:20 PM and simply stated "one big fish" - he was in a hurry so no other details are available - I think he fished the upper section based on his check-in comments - 3:15 PM an angler, who fished for a few hours, went 0 / 1 bottom bouncing "ALL colors of egg sacks" in the very lower section - three clients who came in early afternoon and were back up at 5:00 PM stated they fished the middle section hard, swinging flies (egg sucking leeches and white wooly buggers), without even a tap - there are a few still out there, but I had better get this published so you can make plans for tomorrow - overnight low will be 29 degrees, with a high tomorrow of 42 F - 50 % chance of rain, so wear the slickers - CFS at the dam will remain at 500 through midnight tomorrow - "Semper Piscandi!" 


online fishing passes for the 2017 season will be available starting Wednesday, 29 March - mark your calendars!
fishing report 24 Mar 17

overcast all day, some AM rain drizzles, temperature climbed to the high 30s, periodic gusts of wind, CFS at the beginning of the day were 1500 at the dam / 1850 at Pineville - a set of lodge guest anglers went 2 / 4 in the lower section of the river this morning, and have not come back up as of this report - another angler fished from mid-afternoon and came up at 6:00 PM - he went 1 /1 on a Steelhead in the upper section of the river, floating egg sacks under a bobber - NOTES: the CFS will drop from 1500 to 750 tonight, at around 9:00 PM, then will drop even further to 500 by around 9:00 AM tomorrow morning - our overnight low will be 33 degrees so there should not be any slush problems early-on tomorrow morning, and the high tomorrow will be in the low 40s - rain is forecasted, so dress accordingly - should be a great day (for fishing, that is) - nine and twelve months season passes are currently being sold to those who had one this past season, the entire wait list, and there are even a few available for immediate purchase even if you have never been on a wait list beforehand - give us a call to put down a $250 deposit or pay in full - lodge special of $40 per person per night (no minimum occupancy) continues through 31 March - the ten day forecast shows warmer temperatures throughout the coming days, with rain, so the fish should start moving down as well as into the river system (fall back of the over wintering Steelhead, the Spring run Steelhead, lake run Brown Trout, the Smallmouth Bass also running into the river system to eat the spawning chubs and spawn themselves, giant pike spawning runs into the estuary, Bullhead catfish, and even the "Jack" perch in the 10" to 13" range - something for everyone!) 

Fishing Report 3/23/17

It turned out to be a nice day on the run, we saw clear blue skies and winds were calm. A few anglers took advantage of it, one reported going 1 for 2 on beads and sacs, and reported decent water clarity during the few hours he fished during the afternoon.

The good news is water flows will start to decline over the next 36 hours, dropping 1200cfs at 9am tomorrow, then dropping again to 750cfs at 9pm tomorrow night. A wintry mix tomorrow morning will give way to just rain in the afternoon. More seasonable temps (40s & 50s) are in the 10 day forecast - Spring is coming! 

fishing report 22 Mar 17

yesterday, 21 March, we had six clients on the river, fishing hard, but only one met with very limited success in the lower section - today, it was much colder, very windy, and the flow increased to 1500 / 1830 - had two clients choose to fish from early to mid-afternoon, lower section - both were skunked - a sunny, brisk day otherwise - tonight is supposed to drop down to 11 degrees, so there may be slush in the river first thing - high tomorrow is only going to be 32 degrees, and it will be a bright, sunny day - the fish will be hard to get to due to water conditions, and sulking as soon as the bright sunshine hits 'em, so plan accordingly if you choose to brave the conditions ("SemperFishing!") - NOTES: our lodging special ($40 per person per day, no minimum occupancy) continues through 31 March, so look ahead at the forecast and plan a trip if the weather and conditions look like they will turn to your liking - we recently sent out season pass renewal e-mails - if you did not receive one, check your spam folder or call us - deadline to put down a $250 deposit (or, you can pay in full) is 5:00 PM 16 April, with payment in full due not later than 5:00 PM on 31 May - if you are already on the waiting list, call us and we can sell you a season pass over the telephone - some prime time lodging dates are still available in September and October - check the availability on our website - we are going back to lodge guests being the first ones released to the river this season! 

Fishing Report 3/20/17

An overcast day but at least we didn't have any wind or snow! Over a dozen anglers fished the run today, but most reported slow conditions. Two were able to land a steelhead a piece, and one went 2/3 using beads in natural colors, but many went empty handed. Lows will be right around freezing tonight, and tomorrow will warm into the low 40s again, but we may get some rain during the first part of the day. Flows remain at 750cfs. 

fishing report 19 Mar 17

another beautiful day - started out cloudy, then sunny the rest of the day - calm, temperatures climbed to the low 40s - water temperature was 34 degrees at 8:00 AM - CFS dropped to 750 / 1050 - anglers who started very early were rewarded with a few Brown Trout (largest 4-5 #) and Domestic Rainbows, mostly on egg sacks, in the upper and upper-middle sections of the run, but the report was that when the sun came out, that bite shut right down - upper section produced early AM only, middle was shut down all day, but the lower section produced steadily all day - a pair of anglers reported four "taps" drifting egg sacks, another caught a Domestic on egg sacks, two other anglers were skunked using egg sacks - the highest scoring angler was 4 / 5 for Brown Trout and Domestic Rainbow in the lower-middle to lower sections of the run (egg sacks under a bobber - blue or chartreuse), 0 / 2 bottom bouncing egg sacks in the lower section, and 2 / 2 nymphing in the lower section - however, two very seasoned anglers swinging flies in the lower section only received casting practice . . . ("SemperFishing!")

Fishing Report March 18

Well our 50 per cent chance of snow turned into 100 per cent.  Nothing serious, but we've had enough.  The warmer weather and dropping water (750 cfs through midnight Sunday) did bring a half dozen or so anglers to the run and report having mixed results.  Two anglers that were fishing flies under a strike indicator went 4 for 6. Another angler went one for three, but the remaining anglers struggled to get into one fish.  Current water level is 750 cfs at the reservoir and 1060 cfs at Pineville.

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