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Standing Notice

When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 cfs 





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Fishing Report
fishing report 12 Aug 18
Sun, August 12, 2018

CFS 185 at the dam (an astute client caught my recent error concerning Waterline not having been updated - it says the CFS will remain at 185 until 185 Friday, Read More

Weather and Water
Sunrise / Sunset
Address:Pulaski, New York

Fishing Report


fishing report 12 Aug 18

CFS 185 at the dam (an astute client caught my recent error concerning Waterline not having been updated - it says the CFS will remain at 185 until 185 Friday, 17 August) - CFS at Pineville is 269 - although the forecast was for some showers and thunderstorms, they never materialized and we had another warm, mostly sunny, breezy day - two clients went down to try their luck late this morning, and were back up shortly after noon, having caught only Fallfish - those who have had the most consistent success with the Summer Smallmouth Bass have either used small, fast wiggle action, deep diving (bouncing off bottom) crankbaits or olive colored flies which mimic the crayfish in the river at this time of the year - any day now . . . come on out and be the first to hook-up and start our salmon season off!

fishing report 11 Aug 18

CFS 185 at the dam - Waterline is still stating "until midnight Friday", so obviously that site has not been updated! / 273 at Pineville - an absolutely stunning sunrise ushered in another beautiful day of sunshine, temperatures in the low 80s, light breezes - tomorrow is supposed to be the same - cooler nights have lowered the river temperature from the low 70s to the mid 60s as of this morning - we had an half-dozen anglers on the run in the morning and one more ventured out for a few hours in the afternoon - these primarily targeted the Smallmouth Bass, with some success - one angler casted small, tight wiggling, deep diving crankbaits (including a crawdad imitation) to entice 12 bass, the largest 16" - another swung muddlers in black and olive colors and landed three average bass up to 12" - the remainder of the anglers were not specific in their reports 

fishing report 10 August 2018

CFS 185 (dam) - no indicators about flow over the weekend / 281 (Pineville) - weather forecast was accurate in that we started the morning partly cloudy around 70 degrees and it rose to about 80 and sunny now - low humidity and light breezes made for a really nice day - two anglers fished the run, one arriving early and one very late, and both back up around noon - nothing significant to report from either angler - forecast for both  Saturday and Sunday is for temperatures in the low 80s, very light breezes, little to no chance of rain - come on out and see if you can sight any salmon (I was at the estuary this morning and saw several very large boils but cannot definitively state they were salmon) 

fishing report 9 Aug 18

CFS 185 (dam) / 281 (pineville) - a sunny, breezy, warm day - three anglers fished from early morning to early afternoon, swinging flies in the lower section - between the three they accounted for two 8" Smallmouth Bass (probably the same one!) and some "river tarpon" (Fallfish) - have had some clients come by to scout the river during these low waters, in advance of the salmon season - no cost if you are not fishing, so you may want to do that as well

Fishing Report August 8, 2018

No anglers ventured down onto the Run today.  It's certainly getting to be about that time, hopefully soon enough we will have our first reports of salmon here on the run! The release at the dam remains at 185 CFS with a reported flow of 277 CFS at the Pineville gauge as of this afternoon.  Tomorrow's forecast calls for mostly sunny skies, with a stray shower or thunderstorm possible.  High of 79 F.  Winds WNW at 10 to 15 MPH. 

Fishing Report August 7, 2018

We had a handful of anglers fish the run this morning before the rain came, indicating moderate success with Smallmouth Bass.  The release at the dam remains at 185 CFS with a reported flow of 285 CFS at the Pineville gauge as of this afternoon.  Tomorrow's forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms in the morning becoming more widespread into the afternoon.  High of 80 F.  Winds light and variable.  

Fishing Report August 6, 2018

The run went unfished until late this afternoon and at the time of this posting our two anglers (who were primarily interested in the bass fishing) have not returned from the the run. Thunder and lightning have moved into the area and, hopefully, that will cool things off a bit and give us some additional, needed water.  The water level will continue to drop tomorrow at 6:00 AM to 185 cfs

Fishing Report August 5, 2018

Only a few season pass holders fished the run today and reported limited success with Fall fish and a few smallmouth bass.  Water temperatures are ticking upward and had reached 77 degrees by early afternoon. Water levels will be going down over the next few days which could prove interesting.

Fishing Report August 4, 2018

CFS this morning was 750 at the dam (will remain 750 until 6 PM Sunday, then drop to 350 until 9 AM Monday, drop again to 285 until 9 AM Tuesday, then drop a last time to 185 where it will remain until midnight Thursday) - CFS at Pineville was 826 - a sunny, hot (83 degrees) and muggy day with light breezes - a handful of anglers went onto the run early this morning - all were back up near noon, somewhat wilted from the heat, and reporting primarily Fallfish and some Smallmouth Bass action - tomorrow will be partly cloudy, 87 degrees - might be a good day to wet-wade in boots, swimsuit, and tank top!  NOTE:  we have a few remaining 9 month season passes for sale - the benefit is that you never have to worry about our being sold-out, as your access is guaranteed!

Fishing Report August 02, 2018

Started the day at 72 degrees (water temperature was also 72 degrees), which rose to a nice warm 81 degrees - CFS 185 at the dam and 285 at Pineville - three anglers spent the morning on the run, one swinging and the other two spin casting - the first angler was able to get into two chunky Smallmouth Bass, while the duo of anglers caught about a dozen bass ranging from a fiesty two-incher to several about a foot long - the Salmon Run Lodge just opened up for prime time booking 23 through 31 October 2018

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