Dec 3 - Dec 16
6:45 AM - 5:15 PM


DSR will close to fishing 

in the event the Dam Release 

exceeds 2000 CFS.


All anglers may access DSR's property at our official opening time.

 -            7:00 AM
PM Passes -       11:45 PM

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Fishing Report
Fishing Report December 5
Sun, December 5, 2021

Well the weather cooperated a lot more today (in terms of the wind) but we can't say the same thing for the fish. Consistent consensus today was that it was "not as good as yesterday, the fish are ...

Weather and Water
Sunrise / Sunset
Address:Pulaski, New York

About DSR

Born as a trickle in the wilderness foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, the Salmon swells to a wild, majestic river as it courses through the rugged "north country" of New York on its way to Lake Ontario. Great fishing on the Salmon River has been recorded as far back as the 1600s, when Iroquois tribesmen marveled at the teeming bounty of the Atlantic salmon run. Many things have changed since then, but the fishing remains spectacular.


The stretch known as the Douglaston Salmon Run is two and a half miles at the lower end of the river, where the fish first enter the river from the Estuary in Port Ontario and where they are the most fresh and undisturbed.


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Opened late in the 1980's, the Douglaston Salmon Run was developed as a low pressure, catch and release fishing environment to maximize the outdoor experience of every guest. Two and a half miles of private waters fishing offers a world class sports fishing destination with seven nearby lodges available year round for guests.


Over the years, the DSR has evolved into a fishing experience for every type of angler, but definitely those who value natural surroundings as much as catching fish. Fly fishermen, casters, and drift boat fishing types come to the DSR for the catch and release, the atmosphere of respectful outdoor sporting, and for the attentive staff who work year round to keep the DSR clean, accessible and a good value.



Meet the Staff


Our staff is a prime reason the DSR has become one of the most sought after sports fishing locations in the Northeast. We are available to help in any way that makes your stay and your fishing experience at the DSR memorable for all the right reasons.


Garrett has fished and worked as a guide on the Salmon River for many years. A natural resources management graduate of the State University of New York School of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF), Garrett oversees the entire DSR river property and grounds. As the River Manager, Garrett guides customers, assists lodge guests, and wears all the hats of an experienced fishing lodge host.




Aaron Abrams is the Assistant Manager, who like Garrett, is no stranger to the Salmon River fishery with years of experience on water.  With a strong background in marketing and visual communication from the University of Delaware, Aaron assists Garrett with management and operations along with marketing here at the Douglaston Salmon Run.  Aaron can be found in the Welcome Center meeting and greeting DSR customers year round!

Meet the Owner

Doug Barclay, President

The Barclay family opened the Douglaston Salmon Run as a private water sport fishery in 1989. The property has been in the family since 1807, when it was settled by Colonel Rufus Price, an aide-de-camp to General George Washington during the Revolutionary War.


Doug Barclay is a direct, seventh-generation descendant of Colonel Price who, along with other family members, designed Douglaston Salmon Run to be a world class fishery where guests can enjoy the ultimate fishing experience in the company of like-minded sportsmen.


As life long residents of New York State's North Country, the Barclays are engaged with the local community, supporting their hometown of Pulaski, NY and the region. They especially advocate sound environmental practices in fisheries, farming, forestry, and natural resources management.