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Fishing Report
Operations Update March 28th, 2020
Sat, March 28, 2020
To our DSR Community,

We take a moment to share a simple ‘Thank You’ with all our guests for your patience and continued support through this unprecedented time in world history. As o ...

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Address:Pulaski, New York

Sports Fishing Means River Stewardship

"Everything we do at the DSR is to nurture and protect the environment."

                                                                                                                             - Doug Barclay


Conservation in Sports Fishing

The Douglaston Salmon Run promotes sport fishing through conservation and education, providing a safe, clean and enjoyable fishing experience now and in days to come. Working with local and state fisheries management agencies, the DSR has been an industry leader in Catch and Release and No Kill practices on the Salmon River and in surrounding waters.


We work to maintain and promote a balanced ecosystem for the entire Salmon River fishery, focusing on environmental protection, sustainability and sound economic management.


Catch and Release

Catch and Release is enforced for all trout species and Atlantic Salmon, positively impacting not only the DSR but the entire river system. Every fish released is one that will have that an opportunity to spawn and live another day for another angler.


Partners in River Stewardship

Trout Unlimited

Atlantic Salmon Federation

Pulaski Eastern Shore
Chamber of Commerce