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DSR will close if no 

anglers present at 3 PM.

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Fishing Report
fishing report 21 July 2019
Sun, July 21, 2019

CFS at the dam 750 (will drop to 350 at 6 PM tonight, drop to 285 tomorrow morning at 7 AM, then drop to 185 at 7 PM tomorrow) / at Pineville the CFS started at 826 (dropped to 818 as of this repor ...

Weather and Water
Sunrise / Sunset
Address:Pulaski, New York

DSR Pledge


To create memorable outdoor experiences for our guests by providing exceptional hospitality along with sustainable land use and wildlife management.
A destination where like-minded sportsmen share their passion, pride, and appreciation for the outdoors and that inspires camaraderie and memorable experiences for generations to come.
• We cultivate lasting relationships by creating memorable experiences, providing outstanding hospitality, and by acting with respect and fairness.
• We value innovation in the sporting tradition.
• We respect the environment and manage our land, water, and wildlife resources sustainably.
• We act with integrity to build trust among our guests, partners, professional colleagues and community.
DSR Guest Pledge

• I know time spent on the water is a special experience, I cherish camaraderie with friends and family, and I appreciate every fish brought to hand.


• I respect other guests and their fishing techniques and avoid conflict with them.


• I am responsible to know all NYS and DSR regulations, including zero tolerance for alcohol.


• I am responsible for proper species identification and practicing catch and release of trout and Atlantic salmon while maintaining ethical practice through the release.


• I preserve a clean environment and embrace “carry it in, carry it out”.
• I uphold these standards and expect the DSR to escort from the property any angler out of compliance.