5:15 AM - 8:00 PM
(SEP. 25 - OCT. 18)


-          5:15 AM
Lodge Guest -     5:30 AM
Guides -              5:45 AM
Season Passes - 6:00 AM
Daily Passes -     6:15 AM



 -            7:00 AM
PM Passes -       12:45 PM

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Fishing Report
Fishing Report Sep 29 2020
Tue, September 29, 2020

Fishing Report for 29 September 2020…It appears that the rain and lower temps have gotten the fish moving. There was a major run out of the Estuary early this morning as ...

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Address:Pulaski, New York



Q. What are your hours during the fall salmon season?

A. Please check our website sidebar daily for hours of operation. We plan to adjust our hours throughout each season.


Q. When will passes for Fall salmon season be available for purchase online?  
A. Full Day fishing passes are now available for online purchase. Online passes are available for purchase until 4am the day you plan to fish. After 4am, passes can be purchased on-site at the DSR.

Q. Which passes will be available for purchase online?
A.  Full day passes will be available for purchase online, including the multi-day discounted passes (buy 3 passes, get the 4th pass free; applied to consecutive Monday-Thursdays).



Q. I am a season pass holder, do I still have guaranteed access?
A. Yes! All seasons pass holders (12, 9, 6.5, 3 month) are guaranteed access during their passes’ valid dates.

Q. Is there a waiting list for the season passes?
A. No, 6.5, 9 and 12 month passes are currently available on a first come, first served basis. 

Q. How do I get my name on the waiting list(s)?

A. Please call our office (315) 298-6672 to provide your contact information and pay a $100.00 refundable season pass wait list deposit. Remember to update us if this information ever changes, it is our only means of contacting you when your name reaches the top of the list!

Q. With all of these new changes in store, does DSR expect it can stick to the daily angler limits?
A. The DSR is developing its system for managing the number of anglers in order to stay within the published daily limits. The limit, however, might be exceeded on rare occasions. For example, more season pass holders with guaranteed access might arrive than predicted. We ask for your understanding as we improve our predictions over time.  We are committed to a consistently memorable fishing experience for our guests.


Q. What is your Lodge Cancellation Policy? 

Q. What is your Lodging Reservation Procedure? 

A. We are happy to help you plan your trip to Pulaski, please give us a call at (315)298-6672, ext. 0 to make a lodging reservation. You can view our online lodge availability calendar for the entire year. Click on 'Availability Calendar' on the sidebar of the Lodges page. Please note, all anglers must reserve their fishing passes with the initial lodging deposit to have them guaranteed. Let us know the dates, types, and quantities of passes you would like, so we can ensure your place on the Run. 

For peak fall salmon season reservations, current lodge guests have the right to first refusal for reserving those dates the following year. Current guests must make a 50% deposit toward the following years reservation by the day of check out of the current year. If no deposit has been made by the day of check out, then those dates will be available for anyone to book. DSR will update the Lodging Availability Calendar on a daily basis, so check back often!