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DSR will close to fishing 

in the event the Dam Release 

exceeds 2000 CFS.


All anglers may access DSR's property at our official opening time.

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Fishing Report
Fishing Report December 5
Sun, December 5, 2021

Well the weather cooperated a lot more today (in terms of the wind) but we can't say the same thing for the fish. Consistent consensus today was that it was "not as good as yesterday, the fish are ...

Weather and Water
Sunrise / Sunset
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Fishing Report


Fishing Report December 5

Well the weather cooperated a lot more today (in terms of the wind) but we can't say the same thing for the fish. Consistent consensus today was that it was "not as good as yesterday, the fish are there, but not cooperating." Many anglers were able to get into a fish or two, but not to the same degree of success that they experienced yesterday.  Additionally, more anglers today went fishless. Still, it was a decent day, just not what we had hoped for.  Tomorrows forecast is calling for rain and winds might become problematic once more.  We'll have to keep and eye on things.  Water temperature today was 35 degrees and at the time of this posting (4:30 PM), the water release schedule has not been updated.

Water flow from the dam remains 750 cfs and the flow at Pineville is 972 cfs

Fishing Report December 4

A mix of sun and clouds with a light show shower was the weather this morning.  Around mid day everything change when the wind "picked up" and started howling straight up river.  Up until the mid-day point, reports from anglers were very good to excellent.  A few anglers didn't connect but nearly everyone that I spoke with were able to hook into and, in most instances, bring multiple fish to had.  The wind pretty much shut down what was going to be an ever better day that it was (and, as I said, it was very good to excellent prior to the wind howling).  Many of our experienced anglers commented that "there are lots of fish down there" so, with tomorrow's forecast for significantly less winds, things could be very good again tomorrow. The mid section took top honors today in terms of fish presence and activity.

The water flow from the dam remain at 750 cfs through midnight tomorrow and the current flow at Pineville is 998 cfs.

Fishing Report Dec 3, 2021

Today was sunny but brisk with a stiff wind, but despite the chilly weather, novice and seasoned anglers were able to bring a fish or two to hand. Reports of 1-3 fish per angler, with just a few going empty handed. We had more reports of fresh chrome today, albeit on the smaller side. Tomorrow will bring a mix of rain and snow, with winds at 10-20mph. Water flows remain at 750cfs through 12/5/21.

Attention DSR Lodge Guests -  Accounts, along with 2022 Lodging invoices were generated, and emailed to renewing lodge guests.  Please check your spam/junk folders. Deposit deadline for 2022 lodge renewal is December 20th, 2021.  

Fishing Report December 2, 2021

Things are warming back up here after a stint of pretty cold weather.  Some of our veteran anglers were able to hook and land just a couple of fish, but others finding it tough with a few fish hooked, but nothing brought to hand.  One our guides indicating today some pretty colored up fish.  Water temperatures down here remain in the high 30's with temperatures out in the lake still quite warm.  The reports we received from anglers showed indications that the lower end fish a bit better today for most. 

Attention DSR Lodge Guests -  Accounts, along with 2022 Lodging invoices were generated, and emailed to renewing lodge guests.  Please check your spam/junk folders. Deposit deadline for 2022 lodge renewal is December 20th, 2021.  

Fishing Report November 30, 2021

Well, that's a wrap for November, with fairly consistent snow flurries throughout the day, but no accumulation.  The pace of things on the run seems to have slowed down a bit since this weekend's surge of fish.  Anglers reporting mostly 1's and 2's today, with the exception of a few veterans, continuing to pick at them with some numbers closer to double digits.  With some late activity down low yesterday, anglers found most of their success in the middle to upper sections of the run, on beads today.  No anglers indicated any issues with slush, given the water temperatures and snowfall overnight , it'll be here soon enough.  The scheduled dam release remains at 750 CFS until tonight, with no indications of what might be in store.  We should be close to seeing a reduction in flows, being we haven't seen a release below 750 since October 27th.  

Fishing Report November 29, 2021

Just another slight dusting of snow with temperatures dipping last night, and remaining below freezing for most of the day today.  It's almost slush season!  It seems like many of the anglers who joined us yesterday couldn't resist another go at it today.  All of the anglers we spoke with today reported hooking multiple fish, but with as much energy as these fish had, couldn't keep them from hopping in the heavy water and coming unbuttoned.  For most, today was about a 50% landing percentage today.  The most success came from float anglers using eggs and egg patterns, with the middle and lower and being favored here, because of high flows limiting navigation to the upper sections of the property, for a majority.  Overall, not as good as yesterday, but tomorrow's another day!

Fishing Report November 28

Light snow showers in the morning and a few flakes in the afternoon was the extent of our snow (so far) today.  Reasonable temperatures and overcast skies with little wind all contributed to favorable Steelhead fishing. About three dozen anglers joined us on the run today and from the reports that I received I would say that today's fishing was very good.  Not everyone had success, but that's always going to be the case. The angers that put in the time did very well.  Rather than catching a single  fish in a spot, a couple would come out of the spot.  With only a few exceptions all that I spoke with were able to bring multiple fish to hand. The less productive areas today (and everything could and probably will change tomorrow) seemed to be the very top and the very bottom with productive fishing throughout the areas in between. As the day comes to a close, the anglers coming off the run are reporting having a very good day.

The water from the dam remains at 750 cfs and the current flow at Pineville is 1010 cfs

fishing report 27 Nov 21

It should be noted that afternoon-only passes go on sale at 11:45 AM now, due to reduced daylight hours, and you may begin fishing at noon

CFS at the dam 750 (until midnight 29 Nov), at the Pineville gauge 1170 to start the day (dropping to 1150 as of this report) – air temperature was 28 degrees to begin the day, and only climbed to 34 degrees before slowly dropping back – we began the morning with heavy overcast, which cleared to blue skies and sunshine midday, then partly clouded over towards early evening – the winds were consistently strong, with only small periods of relative calm

The forecast for tonight is a low of 25 degrees, with tomorrow’s forecast being for a high of 37 degrees, but light winds of 5 to 10 mph, with a 70% chance of snow showers in the PM

the abbreviated report: today was a great day to be on the run - drifting (green and orange) beads under a bobber, in the middle section, accounted for the majority of fish today – a distinct minority of guests drifted (pink, orange, blue, chartreuse) egg sacks under a bobber and enjoyed relative success as well – the least productive (albeit toughest) technique was swinging (flies and streamers), in any section, but especially the lower section

the narrative report: incredibly, 47 total guests braved the blustery morning and ventured out onto the run, beginning as early as 6:15 AM and checking-in as late as 1:30 PM – there were frequent breaks taken, throughout the late morning, by small groups of anglers, but they all returned for round two in the early afternoon – guided clients fared the best this morning, one scoring 2 / 2 , and a group of two 1 / 3, and 3 / 5, all Steelhead either nicely chromed or colored up, with some chunky ones in the mix – one skilled angler reported, during his morning break, 1 / 3 Steelhead and a “very nice” Brown Trout, however the other four reported “nothing, yet . . .” but were enthused about going back down – the first four guests leaving just after noon reported 1 / 7 among them, to include a native Brown Trout perhaps 20” – two of the next three leaving the run both reported 0 / 2 drifting beads under a bobber – a group of three leaving around 1 PM all reported no success swinging streamers in the lower section – at 1:15 PM the next guest reported a 7# Steelhead, followed by two guests leaving at 2:40 PM, the first reporting a “skippy” Steelhead, and his friend reporting only an invigorating dunking while attempting to capture a picture of the moment (brrrrr ….!) – the next two coming off the run at 2:50 PM reported 3 / 5 and 1 / 6 Steelhead, drifting beads under a bobber in the middle section – despite a bracing morning, these two reported being comfortable all day, as they were moving around – a pair of guests checked out at 3 PM, reporting no success swinging in the lower section, while one of another pair just after them reported 1 / 2 drifting beads under a bobber – a father/son duo reported 0 / 1 (son) and a Fallfish (father) at 3:25 PM – a trio leaving at 3:35 PM reported 1 / 1 and 1 / 2 drifting beads under a bobber, with the third angler stating he did not tag anything swinging today but “want the challenge” – at 4:05 PM one angler left with his usual “did OK”, followed by another who reported 1 / 3 Steelhead and a small native Brown Trout bouncing blue egg sacks on the bottom – a pair of anglers then reported another native Brown Trout, with 3 / 4 on Steelhead – a trio of anglers reported 4 / 4  and 5 / 6 (last person did not touch anything) – the news just got better as a lone angler fishing the lower section brought to hand two native Brown Trout in the 18” range, as well as scoring “top rod” honors with 6 / 10 Steelhead – he found orange egg sacks most productive in the morning, with blue and chartreuse equally effective in the afternoon – a pair of anglers leaving at 4:23 PM, after an unproductive morning, both reported 0 / 3 after trying beads under a bobber -      

Fishing Report November 26

While the forecast snow has yet to arrive, rain in the morning and strong winds out of the west made conditions very difficulty for the dozen or so anglers that joined us on the run.  Most struggled to get into fish while others went one for two, oh for two (both heavy fish), and a few did a little better than that.

Water flow from the dam remains aat 750 cfs and is 1090 at Pineville.

fishing report 25 Nov '21

featured today on our Facebook post is one of many Steelhead (Domestic Rainbow?) brought to hand today, this one by Dave - congratulations on the fish and classy photograph
In behalf of the DSR, we wish all of you a Thanksgiving spent with close friends, family, and bountiful food on the table
CFS at the dam was 750 (only projected until midnight tonight), in the 780s at the Pineville gauge - air temperature started at 37 degrees and climbed to 47 degrees - it was overcast all day, with light and variable winds
we had eighteen guests join us for the hours we were open today, with the first at the gate before we opened, and the last checking in around 8:30 AM - of these guests, I was able to speak to 14 that trickled out beginning at 9:45 AM, through 1:15 PM - of these four were not able to get a tug (most of these were swinging flies, which was apparently successful just yesterday), two went 0 / 1, while the remainder ranged through one at 1 / 4, three at 2 / 2, one at 3 / 4, two at 4 / 6, and one who commented "it was decent today" - the fish were Steelhead, ranging in size from a "skippy" through 10#, with most in the 7# to 8# range - the most successful technique was drifting beads (10mm chartreuse, orange, frosted orange) under a bobber
tonight we have a forecast of 100% chance of rain, starting with showers, then moving into a steady rain (total of a quarter inch), low of 38 degrees
tomorrow we have a 90% chance of rain, with mixed rain and snow in the AM, all snow in the PM (1 to 3 inches of snow total), high of 40 degrees, winds WNW 15 to 25 mph with higher gusts possible
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