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When the Salmon River’s dam release (h2oline) exceeds 2,000 cfs, the DSR will be closed to fishing and open only for office hours. DSR will return to posted fishing hours once the dam release is less than 2,000 CFS.

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Fishing Report
Fishing Report 12/13/18
Thu, December 13, 2018

Anglers reported a mix of activity, some hooked into double digits while others had a tough time getting a single tug. Skill level plays a large role this time of year, as does technique, but one t ...

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Fishing Report


Fishing Report 12/13/18

Anglers reported a mix of activity, some hooked into double digits while others had a tough time getting a single tug. Skill level plays a large role this time of year, as does technique, but one thing's certain - persistence pays off! Anglers who covered ground were able to get into a steady pick of steelies and one angler reported landing a brown. Weather for tomorrow looks decent with a high temp of 41F and winds SSE 10-15mph. The water temp was 34F at 8am and water flows will begin to drop tonight as follows:

Until 9:00 PM today, 750 CFS
From 9:00 PM today until 9:00 PM tomorrow, Fri, 550 CFS
From 9:00 PM tomorrow until 11:59 PM tomorrow, 350 CFS

Fishing Report December 12, 2018

Temperatures hovered around 30 F today making for a fairly cold day down on the run. Most anglers indicated rather energetic fish, despite these temperatures, comparing their energy to that of an October steelhead.  A majority of those anglers were able to get into good numbers of fish throughout the course of the day no matter the angling type.  A continued theme of a great morning bite, when the sun peaks out over the water, the activity slows down.  The release at the dam will remain at 750 CFS, until tomorrow at 9:00pm when it was be adjusted to a release of 550 CFS. The current reported flow at the Pineville gauge is 1080 CFS.  Tomorrow's Forecast calls for cloudy skies early, becoming partly cloudy later in the day.  A few flurries or snow showers possible.  High of 33F.  Winds SE at 10 to 20 MPH. 

Fishing Report December 11, 2018

A handful of anglers joined us today down on the run, most getting a later start.  Angler reports indicated great action, as to be expected with a drop in water.  Based on those reports, activity was seemingly better in the earlier part of the day and quieted down this afternoon.  The release at the dam will remain at 750 CFS until 11:59 Wednesday (12/12). Flows at the Pineville gauge today teetered around 1090 CFS.  Tomorrow's forecast calls for a partly cloudy day. High of 29 F. Winds light and variable.   

Fishing Report 12/10/18

Anglers reported decent action this morning but things slowed a bit with the midday sun. Anglers who came out for the last few hours of daylight reported 2's and 3's, which isn't bad for just a few hours! The water was a crisp, clear 34F at 8am this morning. Flows remain at 750cfs through midnight on tomorrow. Tuesday will be cloudy with a few flurries, high temp 31F, winds S 5-10mph.

fishing report 9 Dec '18

CFS (dam) started at 1200, then dropped to 750 at noon (that flow is projected to continue until at leaast midnight tonight) - CFS (Pineville) started at 1600 and also dropped, to 1130, as of 4:45 PM - the morning temperature was 28 degrees, and over the course of the day that crept up to a high of 33 degrees - with the very light wind, and mostly sunny day, it was a great day to be out on the run angling for Steelhead!  We had a relatively late arriving first client, and the other clients also took their time arriving, some coming in closer to noon and even into the very early afternoon - about that same time, clients started trickling out, for a break or for the day, and the reports were very positive - all but two of our 20 or so clients were able to get into at least one fresh chrome Steelhead, with 2s to 4s more the case - one skillful angler admitted, only because this is his last day, that he had his third double-digit day in a row (the one that yesterday stated he "caught a few . . . "), bringing six to hand of the 12 he was able to connect with - he drifted blue egg sacks under a bobber to account for the fish all three days - another team in a drift boat also scored double-digits for Steelhead, using 10mm chartreuse beads - we even had a nice 14" Brown Trout brought to hand today - overall, blue egg sacks seemed to be the most effective bait today, but other clients were successful using such varied lures as KO Wobbler spoons, egg-pattern flies, and yellowish beads - a lot of smiles and great comments about not only the fishing, but also the great weather they had experienced - the great weather continues into tomorrow (high of 28 degrees, light wind, occasional flurries) - a note:  looking at the 2019 lodging calendar, there are many "primetime" lodging days open in September, October, and November 2019 so give us a call and see if we can fit you into the calendar when you want to be here! 

fishing report 8 Dec 18

CFS at the dam started at 1500 this morning and dropped to 1200 at noon - tomorrow, at noon, the CFS will drop further to 750 and remain there until at least midnight tomorrow - CFS at Pineville started at 1930 first thing this AM, and dropped to 1640 as of 4:45 PM - air temperature hovered in the low to mid 20s, with light winds throughout the day - water temperature was reported as 33 degrees - we had occasional snow flurries that resulted in an accumulation I would describe as a "heavy dusting" - a client told me that yesterday was "pretty good" so I was curious how today would pan out - two dozen anglers showed up fairly early this morning - I did not see anyone come off the water until early afternoon - the initial reports were very encouraging, and the picture brightened as more anglers came off the water - although there were a handful of anglers that did not touch a fish today, between the remainder of our group of anglers, they accounted for double-digit hookups as well as brought to hand today - one angler not included in the preceding mix would only smile and state "caught a few today . . . " (drifting blue egg sacs under a bobber) - all of the fish reported were Steelhead, ranging from bright chrome to a little darker, averaging from 4 to 10 #s to a purported 14 # fish - all sections of the run were fished today, but it seemed that the lower section out-produced all other sections, with the middle also producing fairly well - although egg sacs drifted under bobbers seemed to be the bait of the day, those swinging files also fared well - tomorrow looks to be warmer, near freezing, light winds, partly cloudy

Fishing Report 12/7/18

We enjoyed mostly sunny skies today but the temperatures remained frigid. Just a few anglers ventured out on the run and reported a slow pick and tough conditions. The good news (for most people) is that flows will be on their way down over the course of the weekend. Flows will remain at 1,500cfs through 12 noon Saturday. At 12 noon they will drop to 1,200 cfs through 12 Noon Sunday. On Sunday at 12 Noon they will drop to 750cfs. Even the weather appears cooperative for the weekend with minimal snow and typical December temperatures expected - a high temp of 30F on Saturday with less than an inch of snow. 

fishing report 6 Dec '18

CFS 1500 (until midnight tomorrow) / 2040 to start the day (dropped to 2010) - an overcast day, dead calm most of the day, with only an overnight dusting of snow that lasted through the day - temperature steady in the mid 30s - the two guides and their clients did not report any action today, despite putting in the time on the water . . . tomorrow will be a bit colder, with a high 0f 25 degrees, and some snow flurries expected over the course of the day 

Fishing Report December 5, 2018

A quiet morning turned into about a dozen anglers fishing the run over the course of the day.  Most anglers reported a fair amount of action despite the flows, with ones and twos brought to hand.  The dam release has not been updated as of this moment.  The posted dam release remains at 1500 CFS until 11:59 PM tonight (Wednesday).  The reported flow at the Pineville gauge is 2080 CFS, inching its way down.  Tomorrow's forecast calls for a cloudy day with snow showers becoming a steady accumulation later on. High of 34 F.  Winds SW at 10 to 15 MPH. 

Fishing Report December 4, 2018

A bit of a colder day today then what we've seen the past few days here, with temperatures below freezing, hovering around the mid 20's throughout the day. Only a few anglers joined us today to try their luck with the high water conditions.  They were able to successfully land a sole steelhead between them, which as one of DSR's legends always says, "Oatmeal is better than no meal!".   The release at the dam remains at 1560 CFS with a reported flow of 2180 CFS at the Pineville gauge. Tomorrow's forecast calls for intervals of clouds and sunshine in the morning with a cloudier afternoon.  High of 32 F.  Winds light and variable.   

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