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Fishing Report
Fishing Report February 19, 2019
Tue, February 19, 2019

A quiet day here, with a single angler joining us early afternoon.  That angler indicated little to no slush issue down on the run.  Overall, reported a very good and quite consistent day ...

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Fishing Report


Fishing Report February 19, 2019

A quiet day here, with a single angler joining us early afternoon.  That angler indicated little to no slush issue down on the run.  Overall, reported a very good and quite consistent day plus the bonus of having the run all to himself!  Fish that were brought to hand were all chrome with the exception of one.  Flows are scheduled to remain at 1200 CFS until midnight tomorrow.  Safewaters has been an announcement concerning inaccuracy on current flow readings, for updates and future scheduling please visit https://www.safewaters.com/facility/42

Tomorrow's forecast calls for a chance of snow showers developing in the afternoon. High near 30 F.  Winds SE at 10 to 15 MPH. 

Fishing Report 2/18/19

Anglers today reported decent action at first light but things slowed down by mid morning once the sun reached above the treeline. A duo of anglers reported landing 7 steelies using eggs and beads. While another angler brought to hand a nice 22" brown on the swing. The water temp was 34F at 8am and the water flows remain at 1,200cfs through midnight tonight. Please visit https://www.safewaters.com/facility/42 for an updated flow report. Slush may be an issue in the morning as the overnight low is 5F and the high temperature tomorrow is forecasted at only 21F, but we may see a few peeks of sun and winds will be light. 

Fishing Report February 17

While there are still a few anglers down on the run, those that have left for the day report more challenging fishing than what was experienced yesterday.  Less wind and comparable temperature, but for whatever reason the fish were not as active today.  A fish here and there, but not to the degree that we witnessed yesterday. The weather will be a little colder over the next couple of days and then toward the end of the week we will witness a bit of a warming trend.  The water from the reservoir will go to 1200 cfs tonight at 9:00 PM and the current flow at the Pineville gauge is 1060 cfs (down slightly from this morning).

River Report Feb 17

At 8:45 AM we have clear skies, the temperature is 11 degrees and forecast to go to 27 degrees today, and the winds are calm (actually 2MPH out of the East).  It looks to be a day similar to yesterday only with little to no wind.  As I came through the village this morning I did notice a little slush in the river, but I anticipate that it won't be long before that clears out.  It's shaping up to be another good day on the river.  The water remains at 750 cfs from the reservoir and is currently 1100 cfs at the gauge at Pineville.

Fishing Report February 16

We had about a half dozen anglers join us on the run today.  The temperatures held in the mid to upper 20's pretty much all day and the wind dying in the early afternoon made for a pretty decent day for mid-February. They dropped the flow to 750 cfs last night and it is scheduled to stay at that flow until Sunday at 9:00 PM. The reports that I received from anglers this morning was that the fishing was decent.  A smallish brown on the swing, some grabs and misses, and a few fish brought to had.  A trio of anglers fishing the mid-section (that took a coffee break before going back down this afternoon) reported "an outstanding day so far." Reports from our anglers this afternoon indicated that the action picked up.  In some instances the improvement was in size rather than numbers, the trio that reported an outstanding day so far, continued their winning streak this afternoon, and as one "secretive angler" indicated "I was glad I came." ;)

Fishing Report 2/15/19

We had a half dozen anglers make their way onto the Run this morning, but most ventured off by mid afternoon. From those anglers we received a mix of reports, some were able to bring a steelhead or two to hand, while others didn't share the same luck. All in all, the sunny skies this afternoon were a welcome respite to the clouds that dominate upstate NY winters. It'll be cloudy with a high of 25F tomorrow, some light snow and wind are possible. Water flows remain at 1650cfs through midnight on Monday. 

Note; DSR will operate under a delayed opening at 9am on Sunday 2/17. We will be open normal hours tomorrow 2/16 from 6:30am-6:15pm. 

Fishing Report February 14, 2019

A lone angler joined us today putting in a quick few hours down on the run, but was unable to to bring a fish to hand.  The release from the dam remains at 1650 CFS through 2/18, with a current reported flow of 1880 CFS at the Pineville gauge.  Temperatures are expected to rise through the night tonight into tomorrow with a high of 39 F tomorrow. Forecasts call for rain early, with a mix of snow throughout the day. Winds SSE shifting to W at 10 to 20 MPH. 

Fishing Report February 13, 2019

After being battered with an incredible amount of freezing rain and ice yesterday, trails have been cleared, but no anglers joined us today. Flows are scheduled to remain at 1650 CFS through 2/18.  The current reported flow at the Pineville gauge as of this afternoon is 1900 CFS.  Tomorrow's forecast calls for flurries and snow showers early. High of 31 F. Winds WNW shifting to S at 10 to 20 MPH. 

River Report 2/12/19

As you probably expected, we did not have any anglers on the run today. Snow flurries mid morning turned into a steady snow by mid day, but only an inch or so of snow accumulated. Around 2:30pm the snow changed over to a sleety mix that quickly coated cars. The water temp was 34F at 8am today and water flows are scheduled to remain at 1650cfs until midnight on 2/18/19. Snow and wind will continue tomorrow, but things should settle down by Thursday. 

Fishing Report February 11, 2019

Finally a rather "calm" day, minimal wind and bearable temperatures. A few anglers took advantage of this break in the weather spending a majority of the day down on the run.  Contending with a bump in flows is never easy. Anglers reported a rather slow morning, but wrapped the day up with some exceptional numbers.  A mixed bag with some chrome, but mostly colored up steelhead and a bonus brown trout! Gotta put the time in!

The release from the dam was adjusted to 1200 CFS last night where it is set to remain until 7 PM tonight, and scheduled to increase to 1650 CFS tonight. (Flows are scheduled to remain at 1650 till 2/18, please check https://www.safewaters.com/facility/42 for scheduling changes and updates).   Tomorrow's forecast calls for a cloudy day with some snow (5 to 8 inches). High of 23 F. Winds ESE at 15 to 25 MPH. 

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