Sep 24 - Oct 7
5:15 am - 7:45 pm

Sep. 24 - Oct. 7
Premium Access: 5:30 AM
Lodge Guests: 5:45 AM
Guides & Clients: 6:00 AM
Season Passholders: 6:15 AM
Day Passholders: 6:30 AM

 -            7:00 AM
PM Passes -       12:45 PM

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Fishing Report
Fishing Report September 27th, 2021
Mon, September 27, 2021

9/27/21 5:40pm

Current Dam Release: 350 CFS / Pineville Gauge: 529 CFS / Current Water Temp: 65 F

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Weather and Water
Sunrise / Sunset
Address:Pulaski, New York

Rules & Regulations

Fishing Regulations

In addition to all NYS regulations, DSR rules and regulations apply. 

» All guests must have in their possession a valid NYS fishing license & DSR pass. 

» Buy your NYS-DEC Fishing License here or at one of the local merchants in the Salmon River area. 


All guests may access upon DSR's Posted Opening Time


  • In addition to New York State, all DSR fishing rules and regulations apply.
  • DSR passes are to be attached to the angler and visible at all times.
  • The holder of a license, tag, or stamp shall exhibit it on demand to any police officer, peace officer, owner, lessee, or their agent in control of the lands or waters on which the license holder is present.
  • All season pass holders are required to call the Welcome Center (315) 298-6672 when accessing DSR’s property from a location other than the Welcome Center to alert DSR staff of their presence. For example, when accessing the estuary by boat or on foot at the black hole.
  • All season passes are valid to use as client passes on guided trips, so long as the pass is valid.All guests are prohibited from utilizing DSR’s property while possessing, using, or under the influence of controlled substances and alcohol.
  • All anglers of legal age agree only to consume alcohol on DSR's property in the following situations:
- By an individual while in an approved parking lot.
- By an individual staying at a DSR Lodge when within the vicinity or inside of his/her lodge.
- By an individual who is a member of a group which, at least 24 hours in advance,   gained explicit approval for a group function from the DSR and which provides direct supervision
  of the function by someone approved by DSR Management.
  • Weapons and pets are not permitted.
  • Minors 17 or under must be supervised by an adult. Children 15 or younger will be issued a complementary fishing pass.
  • Carry It In / Carry It Out policy enforced with all unnatural objects.
  • The use of cleats or studded foot wear is highly recommended and required from Nov 1 – Apr 30th.The DSR recommends anglers use polarized sunglasses for eye protection and PFD’s while fishing and wading.
  • Ethical fishing practice is observed and enforced at Douglaston Salmon Run.
  • An exaggerated lift at any point in a presentation produces foul hooked fish and is not acceptable. All foul hooked fish must be broken off immediately. Excessive foul hooking of fish is not tolerated. Snagging is prohibited.
  • Terminal tackle requirements: a break point (knot or swivel) must be used to prevent added weight from sliding down the fishing line to the hook producing a snagging device.  A maximum of 48” and a minimum of 12" from break point & added weight is enforced. Added weight is allowed to be further from the break point when ethically using a float, bobber, or strike indicator technique.
  • The DSR policy is 100% catch and release for ALL trout species and Atlantic salmon. All species must be handled and released ethically; including while taking pictures. 
  • Guests may keep their daily limit of king or coho salmon; 3 fish per stringer combination of both species.
  • Each guest must have their own stringer and giving fish to another angler to fill their stringer is prohibited. Catch and release angling must be strictly observed once an angler's limit is obtained, culling fish once they are on a stringer is prohibited.
  • No chumming for any species.
  • Any action to frighten fish and move them from concealment is not allowed.
  • All private property rights of the DSR and its neighbors will be strictly enforced. DSR reserves the right to change regulations, deny access to, or remove anyone from its property at any time and without refund.